Welcome to Nirmala Wellbeing


Pronounced: Nirr-ma-la

Translation: without (nir) blemish (mala)

Noun: Sanskrit, feminine name

Verb: Without blemish; pure immaculate

Adjective: To live a balanced lifestyle of optimal health and wellbeing, obtained through a fusion of evidence-based natural tailored care

Desire: Degree qualified naturopath, medical herbalist and yoga teacher inspiring you to live a holistic lifestyle through loving movement, mindfulness, natural medicine and wholefoods. 



Nik helped me back on my feet after a long spiral of physical and mental health challenges. The way she walked with me through the process of learning with kindness, inquisition and knowledge comforted me that I was in safe and caring hands. She has inspired me to take a new perspective on my health and wellbeing, and her beautifully taught yoga classes have helped ground give me space in my everyday life. I will be forever grateful to Nik for how she has helped, encouraged and inspired me to be the best that I can be.
— Sophie
I can easily say going to see Nik all those weeks ago has changed my life. Over the course of our 8 weeks together she was able to help me put sustainable lifestyle changes in place that have helped me tremendously with both my mental and physical health. I no longer struggle daily with low energy levels or anxiety. Instead, I am well rested, filled with energy, and ready to take on life one step at a time without fear of the future. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nik!
— Emma