Fell the value of every breath... 

When it comes to practicing mindfulness, balancing our Wellbeing & being present in the moment there is one critical tool we should be intimately accustomed with. Our breath. The breath is deeply imitate, an absolute necessity, one of the best self-development tools & totally, utterly, free. Yet so many of us are doing it wrong.

When under stress our breathing becomes increasingly shallow, using only the top 1/3 of our lung capacity. In fact more often than not, our inhalation becomes longer than our exhalation. 


This “amps-up” our nervous system making us vulnerable & susceptible to anxiety & depression. It also causes toxins to accumulate in our body, stores stale CO2 in our lungs & creates a negative imbalance in our autonomic nervous system.

Linked deeply to our primitive survival instincts our now jacked-up nervous system allows for us to be easily manipulated. Unfortunately our fast-paced lifestyles, combined with our relatively stagnate physical activity causes our bodies & minds to be ineffective at releasing built up stress which manifests in our thoughts as fear or anxiety.

When we are in this state, we cannot function properly.  Relationships are put under strain, work is un-imaginable, our healthy lifestyle goals go out the window & we feel like we are in dangerous waters doing everything we can to simply stay afloat. Believe me when I say, I know exactly what this is like.

Since stress accumulates on an unconscious level, healing our bodies is a process that must happen consciously. While there is no single way to really do this, as it requires gradual lifestyle changes & a daily mindful practice – there are small steps you can take which will bring some space back into life & help you pause & reflect.

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“In humans, the extremes of the two polarities might appropriately be described as LOVE (+) and FEAR (-). Love fuels growth. In contrast, fear stunts growth.”

~ Bruce Lipton

2-to-1 Breathing

One simple technique you can practice at home is 2-to-1 breathing. This is where you consciously lengthen your exhale making it twice as ling as your inhalation. This can be done for a minute or two or as long as it takes for you to feel calm. 
After 40-60 seconds of this breathing pattern your heart rate will slow, your blood pressure will drop & your skeletal system will begin to relax (shoulders, hips, belly especially). There is also added benefit where the emphasis on the exhale will begin to remove volatile toxins & CO2 from the lungs.

By introducing 2-to-1 breathing to your morning routine you will start the day with a soothed & relaxed nervous system!! Try it for one week & see how you go!! There is no replacement for cultivating a practice that heals, replenishes, & relaxes you from the inside out.

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