Stress Management

Listening to a number of people in the post-New Year phase of the year I have noticed that people are either:

a)  Already feeling pressure building up & it is as though they didn't even have a holiday


b) Finding it difficult to move out of  'holiday mode' aka in a bit of a 'funk'

I know these feelings & I know them well. 

From my heart to yours...

Aa a Corporate Escapee, I made some pretty big, bold, brave decisions to change the direction of my life. These decisions were for my own happiness, my own health & my own wellbeing. These may sound obvious, but when you're neck-deep in quicksand sometimes you don't always see what options you might have. 


Remove yourself from what is making you unhappy or stressed. Whether it is a professional environment or a personal relationship - life is simply too short to put yourself in a situation which makes you unhappy. You need to feed your soul! 

Slow down

Pause, breathe, proceed. Take the time to smell the roses. Mother Nature the most most powerful force, everything is always accomplished yet nothing is ever rushed. Take a leaf from her book.  

Be kind 

This doesn't only mean be kind to others, there is someone who deserves your love, attention, respect & belief more than anyone else. That person is you. Know that you are doing the very best you can. 

Set goals 

If you are not in a position you want to be in - financially, academically, professionally, personally, with your relationships or your health or fitness. Set your self small milestones to achieve. Choose a deadline, stick to it & go for it! Too many people walk around without purpose. Find what talks to you!! 

Finally, surround yourself with beautiful people. Beautiful people are the souls which makes your garden bloom. 

Inhale fully, exhale slowly.

With grace,