Workplace Wellbeing

Today, probably more than ever, complex and high stress lifestyles are obstructing the balance and peaceful ebb and flow of life. The subtle practice of movement, mindfulness and gratitude can lift vitality, restoring the physical body and bringing peace to the emotional mind.

I would love to elevate and empower your workplace through evidence-based education and guidance on natural medicine, yoga and mindfulness.

Why Wellbeing?


All around the world, in matters of health and wellbeing, doctors and health professionals are beginning to realise that the onset of disease is often caused by a string of emotions AND our ‘perception’ of stress. This profound link between negative emotions and the onset of disease has been confirmed by science again, and again. In short, the pace of our lifestyle and the over stimulation of our minds is making us sick - very, very sick.

Workplace wellbeing is the one area that employers can support employees and gain huge benefits along with it. I offer a few different kind of packages for workplaces and can tailor needs for special events and functions.

Corporate Offerings

Make your workplace a better place to work! Regular yoga classes can improve your companies productivity, improve team moral and the science shows can even reduce staff sick days! The benefits of yoga are plentiful. Studies prove practice shows and history knows that yoga is more than an exercise class. A true fusion and union of body and mind, yoga connects us through a continual flow of breath and movement.

Modern-day science is becoming the vital link between the benefits of yoga and our modern-day 'perception' of it. At a glance, benefits of regular yoga in the workplace include:

  • Support a healthy metabolism

  • Build physical strength and tone muscle

  • Bring balance to the endocrine system - balancing mood and emotions

  • Increase the body's natural range of motion

  • Bring balance and support to sleep/wake cycle

  • Reduce pain and stiffness

  • Improve posture and re-awaken supporting muscles of the spine

  • Management of anxiety and stress

  • Increase of staff productivity

  • Reduce depression in the workplace

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Improve respiration

  • Raising energy levels and vitality

  • Increase mindfulness

  • Create a sense of community

Yoga and Public Speaking

Tailored yoga classes and workshops to accomodate a range of capabilities and small to large teams.

Offerings include one-off, monthly or quarterly

  • Yoga and/or meditation classes

  • Nutrition workshops

  • Natural health workshops

  • Mindfulness

Workshop topics may include:

  • Stress and sleep

  • Weight loss and management

  • Mindfulness in the workplace

  • Mental health in the workplace

  • Immunity and general wellbeing

  • Green before caffeine

Other services:

  • One-on-one individual personalised wellness consultations and programmes

  • On going email support for your team

  • Take home resources and guides

Corporate Wellbeing Packages


Nik and Nirmala Wellbeing has been a fantastic contributor to our workplace culture over the last few years. Nik brings an amazing energy to the office that allows everyone to unwind and destress. Her practice adapts to whatever audience she has seamlessly. Thanks Nik for making our workplace awesome!
— Andy, Country Manager, Uber Eats New Zealand

Helpful corporate yoga and mindfullness resources

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