Yoga. It moves me in a direction where my mind and body strive to occupy the same space. It's a place where they share the same language and where words all fit on the same page.

The practice of yoga is how I find stillness and also how I come out of stillness. Before I know it, I find my voice in places where before I was silent. It doesn't take much for this to happen. I lift my arms, I lift my heart and I lift my gaze. Through yoga we can move our lives and when life starts moving, beautiful things begin to happen.

I am passionate about delivering high quality, bespoke yoga classes for yogis who are looking to set a regular practice and bring mindfulness into their everyday.

If the idea of yoga is something you have been thinking about for sometime, or if it's something you want to try and are a bit nervous about, or if you simply want to find balance in your life then my classes are for you.

Public Yoga Classes

Publicly I teach two very different styles of yoga classes. I find the two styles a great balance for students who are wanting to deepen their practice, strengthen their mind, manage their stress or re-connect with themselves.

TUESDAY Restore by Candlelight 7.15 - 8.15pm

SATURDAY Breath & Control 9.30 - 10.30am

These classes are hosted at The Ivy Studio, secretly tucked away you will find our urban oasis above the Mondays Wholefoods Eatery; 503b New North Road in Kingsland.

Nestled 1/2 way down the driveway there is a hidden path, push past the overhanging garden, follow your intuition, climb the stairs and you will find us there. 

Classes are suitable for yogis of all levels. Since these classes are popular, and the studio intimate, I ask those wishing to join please book online via the link below. 

Mats are provided if you do not own one, bring a smile and a friend.

Teaching Timetable at Mondays Wholefoods

A private 1:1 yoga class is the perfect way to personalise your practice and get hands on assistance. Private classes are highly personalised to suit your yoga level, injury and energy levels. This is perfect for new yogis, or for those who have injury. Classes can be in my clinic or at your home (Auckland only).

Private Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

Recently, I have mindfully stepped into the world of online yoga classes. This space continues to be a work in progress and I invite you to join me on the mat in the comforts of your own home.

Class styles

I am classically trained in Rajadhiraja yoga. Unlike other 'styles' of yoga, Rajadhiraja yoga is not a style of yoga as such but rather a school of yoga. Broadly speaking it is classical yoga encompassing a variety of practices designed to develop mind, body and soul. With great emphasis on correct breathing, known as pranayama, and well aligned asana practice, this practice will awaken and move prana throughout the body. Benefits can be felt on the physical, mental and emotional levels as your practice develops. You can learn more about Rajadhiraja yoga from my teacher Ganga Devi by clicking the link below.


Ground down to soar up. A gentle restorative fusion of yin and restorative yoga to ground you for the week ahead. Classes are focused around breath awareness, stillness and gentle movement to welcome mindfulness and space into the mind and body. A soothing, calming environment for yogis of all levels to soften, surrender and let go.

Restore by Candlelight

A revitalising union of breath and body consciousness. Fusing teachings of traditional yoga with a modern approach for a dynamic, strong, mindful and gracefully paced class. Drawing deep from yogic tradition, these classes are focuses around the foundations of yoga and breath. This is a great class for beginners or for the devoted yogi looking for a holistic, therapeutic, healing approach to their practice. 

Breath & Control

On Tuesday evening, classes are followed with complementary herbal tea. On Saturdays we enjoy brunch or a smoothie at the Eatery below the studio, it truly is a beautiful way to start the weekend.

The invitation is always open...