public yoga classes


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J O I N  M E  E V E R Y . . .

T U E S D A Y    Restore by Candlelight    7.15 - 8.15pm  

S A T U R D A Y    Breath & Control    9.30 - 10.30am


Y O U R    W E L L B E I N G    I N V E S T M E N T

Casual drop in                                      $15 cash

Concession card                                  $120/10 classes

Student casual drop in                        $12 cash

Student concession card                    $100/10 classes

(Cash only, sorry no Eftpos)

E X P L O R E   &   E N J O Y

Public classes are hosted at The Ivy Studio, secretly tucked away you will find our urban oasis above the Mondays Wholefoods Eatery; 503b New North Road in Kingsland.

Nestled 1/2 way down the driveway there is a hidden path, push past the overhanging garden, follow your intuition, climb the stairs & you will find us there. 

Some mats are provided, bring a smile & a friend.

R E S T O R E   B Y   C A N D L E L I G H T

Ground down to soar up.

A gentle restorative fusion of yin & restorative yoga to ground you for the week ahead. Classes are focused around breath awareness, stillness & gentle movement to welcome mindfulness & space into the mind & body.

A soothing, calming environment for yogis of all levels to soften, surrender & let go.

B R E A T H   &   C O N T R O L

A revitalizing unison of breath & body consciousness.

Fusing teachings of raja dhiraja, hatha, vinyasa & ashtanga yoga for a dynamic, strong, mindful & gracefully paced class. Drawing deep from yogic tradition, these classes are focuses around the foundations of yoga.

This is a great class for beginners or for the devoted yogi looking for a holistic, therapeutic, healing approach to their practice. 

C o m m U N I T Y 

On Tuesday evening, classes are followed with complementary herbal tea. 

On Saturdays we enjoy brunch or a smoothie at the Eatery below the studio, it truly is a beautiful way to start the weekend.

The invitation is always open...